Frédéric Chambat - Research

Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon, ENS-Lyon,
46 allée d'Italie, 69364 LYON cedex 07, France
Phone : (33) 4 72 72 85 56, Fax : (33) 4 72 72 86 77.
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This page is dedicated to my research. My fields of interest are :
- mechanics of phase changes interfaces (more generally mechanical geophysics),
- seismology (free oscillation modes splittings),
- gravity (gravity inversion, topography, internal structure, stress field)
- shape of celestial bodies, geodesy
- history of sciences (D'Alembert & Earth's shape and gravity)

Data, maps and codes

  • CODE : a MATLAB code and tutorial for numerical calculations of the Earth's flattening (or planet), using Clairaut's equations up to second order, once a mean density model is given. If you use and wish to cite it please refer to the 2010 article below.
  • MAPS : some maps of the World free air gravity anomalies, for courses or whatever.
  • DATA : mean radius, mass and inertia for reference Earth's models. The main independent data to be used for mean Earth models are:
  • - the mean radius : b = 6 371 230 ± 10 m,
    - the mass : M0 = (5.9733 ± 0.0090)×1024 kg,
    - the inertia to mass ratio : I0 / M0 = (1.342 354 ± 0.000 031)×1013 m2.
    For details report to the paper: Chambat F., and Valette B., 2001, Mean radius, mass and inertia for reference Earth's models. P.E.P.I., Vol 124/3-4, pp 237-253. Abstract in html, full paper in pdf, and the corrections to the published version, in html.


  • Rambaux N., Baguet, D., Chambat F., Castillo-Rogez J. C., 2017, Equilibrium shapes of large trans-neptunian objects. Ap. J. Letters, 850:L9, pdf.

  • Sarzeaud, O., Chambat F., 2017, Amélioration des techniques de traitement des données gravimétriques, Évaluation de l'apport des corrections de marée, Rapport technique de contrat privé, 72 p., texte non disponible.

    2016. From now on, I will no more publish, do refereeing or any editorial work for Elsevier publisher : see I support ideas like Wikipedia, Sci-Hub, LibGen and Arxiv.

  • Rambaux N., Chambat F., Castillo-Rogez J. C., 2015, Third-order development of shape, gravity, and moment of inertia for highly flattened celestial bodies. Application to Ceres. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 584, A127. doi: 10.1051/0004-6361/201527005. pdf.

  • A. Guilbaud, avec la collaboration de F. Chambat, 2015, « Introduction générale. § VI. Mécanique des fluides », dans D'Alembert, Œuvres complètes, série V, volume 2, Correspondance générale 1741-1572, I. Passeron (dir.), Paris, CNRS Editions, p. cv-cxx.

  • Perrillat J.P., Chollet M., Durand S., van de Moortele B., Chambat F., Mezouar M., Daniel I., 2015, Kinetics of the olivine–ringwoodite transformation and seismic attenuation in the Earth’s mantle transition zone, Earth Plan. Sc. Lett., pdf.

  • Chambat F., Benzoni-Gavage S., Ricard, Y., 2014, Jump conditions and dynamic surface tension at permeable interfaces such as the inner core boundary, C. R. Geoscience. doi : 10.1016/j.crte.2014.04.006. pdf (unfortunatly it appeared with missprints, most are highlighted in this pdf).

  • Ricard, Y., Durand, S., Montagner, JP., Chambat, F., 2014, Is there seismic attenuation in the mantle ? Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 388, 257-264. doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2013.12.008. pdf

  • Durand S., Chambat F., Matas J., Ricard, Y., 2012, Constraining the kinetics of mantle phase changes with seismic data, G.J.I. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2012.05417.x pdf

  • Chambat F. Ricard Y., Valette B., 2010, Flattening of the Earth: further from hydrostaticity than previously estimated, G.J.I., 183, 727-732. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04771.x. pdf. The Nature highlight (14 oct. 2010, v. 467, p. 755): pdf. The MATLAB code.

  • Ricard Y., Matas J., Chambat F., 2009, Seismic attenuation in a phase change coexistence loop, P.E.P.I., 176, 124-131. doi:10.1016/j.pepi.2009.04.007. pdf.

  • Chambat F., 2008, Présentation et annotations du mémoire 8, in "Opuscules mathématiques, Tome I", Oeuvres complètes de D'Alembert, vol. III/1, dir. P. Crépel, A. Guilbaud, G. Jouve, CNRS Editions, Paris. pdf.

  • Chambat F., Varry D., 2008, Faut-il faire une description bibliographique des Principes mathématiques ?, in "Émilie Du Châtelet, éclairages et documents nouveaux", dir. U. Kölving et O. Courcelle", Centre international d'étude du XVIIIe siècle, Ferney-Voltaire. pdf.

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  • Chambat F., and Valette B., 2001, Mean radius, mass and inertia for reference Earth's models. P.E.P.I., Vol 124/3-4, pp 237-253. Paper in pdf, and the corrections to the published version, in html.

  • Chambat F. et Valette B., 1997, Figure non hydrostatique des planètes : Inversion gravimétrique et modèles 3D de la Terre et de la Lune, Actes des Journées Systèmes de Référence 1996, Édités par N. Capitaine, Publiés par l'Observatoire de Paris. ps.gz.

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  • Chambat F., 1994, On the non existence of some heterogeneous equivalents of ellipsoidal Dedekind figures, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 292, 76-81. ps.gz. Also at the NASA abtract service.

  • Florsch N., Chambat F., Legros H., Hinderer J., 1994, A simple method to retrieve the complex eigenfrequency of the Earth's nearly diurnal-free wobble; application to the Strasbourg superconducting gravimeter data, Geophysical Journal International, 116, 53-63.

    Thesis (PhD)

  • Chambat, F., 1996, Figure de la Terre : Gravimétrie, régime de contraintes et vibrations propres, Thèse de Doctorat, Université Paris 7. Abstract in english or french (html).


  • Collectif. 2014. Brèves de maths. Mathématiques pour la planète Terre. Nouveau monde éditions.

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